Towing a Caravan


While hiring Towing Alameda services, people forget that the most important part of this process is being on the road with the caravan behind the vehicle. Certain special driving tips are necessary when a caravan is being towed. Many people are so scared and confused about towing that they don’t buy a caravan for that reason. It doesn’t have to be like this. Sometimes, local caravan dealers let sellers take a caravan on road if there are good chances of making a sale. The following are some things to do on the road when a caravan is being pulled by a vehicle –

• Extra Time For Accelerating and Braking – Firstly, both accelerating and braking occur slowly and at a steady pace. Some extra time needs to be set aside for both these things. For instance, braking should be done a bit early so that there is enough time for the vehicle and caravan to stop.
• Taking Wide Corners – Because the length of the driven vehicle has practically been increased by the length of the caravan, it is best to treat this entire thing as one outfit. Being a huge outfit automatically means that cutting the corner or clipping the kerb become real possibilities.

• Speed Limits Change – When a caravan is being pulled behind a vehicle, the normal speed limits won’t apply; lower speed limits would be taken into account. Thus, in case of single carriageways, the speed of 50mph should not be exceeded and double carriageways, the speed should not be more than 60mph.

• Motorway More Than 3 Lanes – The pulled caravan should not be driven on the outside lane or the lane located on extreme right when the vehicle is being driven on a motorway with 3 or more lanes.

• Extension Mirrors – It is common for people to use extension mirrors while pulling a caravan because it allows a wider angle of view. The unit’s rear must always be easily viewable. However, when the job is done, the extension mirrors should be taken out because it is not legal to use them in normal circumstances.

• No Passengers – The caravan should not have any passengers when it is being towed as this is illegal.

• Parking – Parking must be done in such a way that obstruction is not caused to other vehicles.

• Traffic – In case of traffic, the vehicle and caravan should pull over and let the traffic pass before moving on.

These tips would help in the safe transportation of the caravan.

Locksmith Tools To Open Cars


One of the most frequent jobs for a professional locksmith is to open cars. So many people accidentally lock their keys inside their cars and need assistance as soon as possible. The closest locksmith is a very valuable person. Locksmith tools are unique and special to the task at hand.

One very important locksmith tool is a stretch killer car opener. This opener is great since it does not need to be inserted into the door cavity. The opener is used by passing it under the glass of any window of the car. Then the tip connects to a rocker button or door lock switch that can be moved to open the door.

The classic slim jims have been used for a long time, and many locksmiths still prefer the older method of opening car doors with these tried and true tools. They are still quite effective and all of them come in a wide variety of stiffness and lengths.

Automotive wedge systems are also used by locksmiths for trucks and cars with stiff door sills. The smooth metal wedge can easily slide into a very narrow opening and plastic wedges can open the crevice even more. An air wedge can also be used to provide more space. When using the wedges, the locksmith can also used a probe light.

The locksmith may also need to use a stretch double L tool. These tools are needed to open cars that have a horizontal rod instead of the standard vertical rod in the locking system. This is a simple tool to use without even needing a scope or light to use with the tool.

All locksmiths will have a set of tryout keys. They are exactly what the name implies; a set of keys that may work in any lock. They can be used to jiggle the lock in a way that can open the car door just like the proper key.

An inexpensive, yet effective tool, is the lasso tool. It is just a small strip of vinyl that is tough and can lift mushroom-shaped lock buttons that are vertical. This can be slipped right into the car between the frame of the door and edge of the window glass. Even though these type of lock buttons aren’t used on new cars anymore, there are still many vehicles on the road that have them.

The locksmith in Cincinnati Ohio will have all of the tools needed when someone calls.